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Montana Big Game Hunting

Montana Mule Deer Hunting/Montana Elk Hunting/Montana Antelope Hunting
Elk hunting hunts

are conducted from our first class lodge as base camp. We'll then travel each day to the 50,000 + ranch and hunt by 4x4 vehicles and on foot  moving from vantage point to vantage point to locate that Montana buck of a lifetime. Lots of good hunting country has good vehicle access, so we can accommodate hunters of any physical condition. Our hunting guides are professional hunters and love to share their skills. They will work hard to maximize your opportunity to have a successful elk hunting, deer hunting or other big game hunting trip here at Two Leggins Outfitters, your Southeast Montana outfitter.

Mule Deer hunts

population, unlike most of Western Montana, are going strong and don’t have the challenge of wolves in their habit. Two Leggins Outfitters area traditionally harbors some real trophy Mule deer  bucks and we only take mature bucks that are typically 4x4 unless it is a really nice 3x3 and there are some really nice quality Mule deer bucks.  We really get to see a lot a Big bucks since we are able to hunt during the rut. It is not uncommon for our Mule Deer hunters to see 10 or more bucks in a day. The Two Leggins Guides spend a lot of time behind their binoculars to locate a mature buck worth stalking. Then the thrill begins as he will lead you on a stalk towards that Big Montana Mule deer you have had dreams about your whole life. Our deer hunters have had 100% shooting opportunity on mature bucks for several years. Only 1 hunter did not kill during the 2010 season(check out the 2010 trophy album), but he passed numerous mature bucks while looking for a trophy class head. (He has been hunting with us over 12 years so he likes the camaraderie more than shooting I think.)

Elk/Deer Combo Package

is conducted on leased private land on a working cattle ranch with a Montana hunting guide in the Custer Bighorn Country of Southeast Montana. Our exclusive hunting area contains a large resident elk population with an excellent bull to cow ratio offering you an excellent Montana elk hunting experience. We have bulls averaging between 300-380 class. These guided elk hunts also provide an opportunity for excellent deer hunting in Montana. a maximum of 6 hunters per hunt either 2 hunters per guide or if a hunter prefers individually guided hunts are available. The terrain varies from open foothills to timbered canyons at elevations from 3000 to 4500 feet above sea level. There are over 50,000 acres within the guided hunting area we manage providing excellent summer and winter range for both elk and mule deer.

Whitetail Deer hunts

Here at Two Leggins Outfitters we have some excellent Whitetail deer hunting available on the lower parts of the ranch and in the river bottom. This is again all private land where we hunt from blinds or vantage points from the high ground surrounding the river bottoms. The last two weeks of the season offer the best opportunity at either a trophy Whitetail with Two Leggins as your hunting outfitter.


Antelope  hunts

There is always a couple weeks overlap of Deer and Antelope seasons, so combo hunts are available in late October and early November. We are 100% on Antelope.  Locating your antelope buck won’t be the hardest part in your hunt, stalking them will be. With that said refer back to our record. Our Two Leggins guide knowledge of the animals along with the years of being in the field will get you within range to make an ethical shot. If you haven’t seen a antelope up close they are a beautiful animal and a great and unique addition to your trophy room.

Antelope Season......................October 8 - November 13

Mule Deer Season....................October 22 - November 27

Elk Season................................October 22 - November 27

5 Day Antelope Hunt.............................$2500

5 Day Deer Hunt...................................$3500

5 Day Elk Hunt.......................................$5000

5 Day Deer/Antelope Combo Hunt..............$5000

5 Day Deer/Elk Hunt................................$6000

License And Tag Information

Food was more than excellent, lodge was first class and the guides were more than we asked for based on our needs. Game was everywhere we went and our group of 4 hunters each got a nice mule deer. We each saw 2-3 shoot able bucks each day. Ducks, pheasants, and turkeys were available if the person wanted such game. Our group will be back.Bob L.